Christmas Market 2018

Our annual Christmas Market was held at the Priory on the 1st December. The kitchen was a hive of activity for most of the week as Sr. Catherine, Sr. Rosaleen and Elena our postulant created various delicious cakes. The smells were irresistible! Saturday morning made way for the arrival of the Pizza team (Sonia, Richard and Rebecca Davis). The production line was very efficient and produced delicious Pizza’s in time for the start of the Market as well as hot dogs. Just what one needed in order to build up an appetite for the more material goods on offer?

Margaret Heavens once again provided a stall with her beautifully crafted stuffed animals. This was a popular stall with those looking for that rather unique present for someone at Christmas. Sr. Mary Benedicta running the Bric a Brac stall for the first time showed, together with Clare Vandome, her talent as a shrewd business woman and would not allow anyone to get away without visiting her and making a purchase at her preferred price despite the haggling! Patricia Emmet and her team looked after the cake stall and offered samples for tasting with a cup of tea. Anne Monaghan and friends had the keen task of trying to look after the bottle stall tempting people with some special alcoholic bottles for those wanting something special to take home with them.

Pat Choules provided another of her wonderful Christmas cakes for the raffle, where there was keen competition for tickets. The tombola provided a place for the small investors looking for that special Christmas gift at pocket money prices, as the visit of many young children suggested. Sr. Hyacinthe and Sr. Carino were ably assisting keen readers to seek good spiritual reading on the book stall, as well as some light bed time reading. They were also running the repository stall. Many thanks to Farvin who travelled all the way from Reading to assist us selling raffle tickets for the cake.

Sr. Catherine and the novitiate craft team produced some wonderful home designed Christmas cards and knitted items from their craft afternoons recently started a few weeks ago.

Special thanks to Adolpho from Bournemouth, who came early to help. He spent most of the time controlling the car park; a much needed task in our confined space at the priory. He then stayed on late in order to help us clear up afterwards.

All in all we had a great two hours of intense activity which brought in the grand total of £1165.45 for Fr. Richard’s new house. (We still need £20,000!) Many thanks for all our friends who spent time with us either selling or buying goods or just enjoying each others company.

Have a look below to see a few photos from the day:









For some additional pre-Christmas cheer and preparation, please join us on 16th December at 3pm for our Christmas Carol Service followed by homemade mince pies and a lovely cuppa tea! 

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