This year's apple harvest has been absolutely splendiferous!  (Seriously, we'll be having apple for MONTHS!)

PNG - Apples.png

This basket above isn't even half (or even a quarter) of what we've picked from our abundant trees!  It always seems such a "nunly" thing to be outside picking apples with one's sisters.  We enjoy it -- and it would seem the horses in our paddocks really enjoy it!

PNG - Apples - Sr J.png

That happy horse in the background munching away - he's the cheeky culprit who took a massive bite out Sr. Julie's prized "Biggest Apple"! 

But that's okay... we've got more apples!

PNG - Apples - Sr J and Sr C.png  

And there's more in our pantry, too!  

"What are you going to do with all those apples??", you ask.

Well, we're glad you've asked! 

Initially, we spend a bit of time peeling, slicing, and blanching them for freezing.  We've also made pretty much any apple-y pudding/dessert with the ingredients we have in our kitchen.  That includes baked apples, pies, tarts, cakes, crumbles, crisp, and the not-always-favourable-by-everyone stewed apple.  

And something to look forward to: Sr. Julie's apple chutney and apple jelly!!!  That will be prepared for our annual Christmas Bazaar on Saturday the 2nd of December! (Save the date!)

Thank you, Jesus, for all the apples!  

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