This morning two of our Sisters headed down to the cellar to check out how the boiler was doing, and well... the news isn't good.

The Sisters entered a cellar filled with steam, and thinking perhaps it was just a bit chilly outside (hence the steamed glasses) they continued their descent. And what did they find? To their utter shock, they found piping hot water flooding the floor and glorious black soot everywhere! (Danger Zone!)

Our boiler is down! Or... pretty much dead. Here are a few photos of what we (and our faithful boiler-men) found:

So much soot!

Industrial Heaters to the rescue! -- And thar she goes!

Bye, bye, boiler!

We've had this boiler for about three years and now things seem rather complicated. All we know at the moment is that we have a flooded cellar with hot water and -- as you can see -- things aren't looking too good. The Day of Reckoning has come for our boiler -- and far too soon for our liking!

And it appears we may be having a serious problem with our pipes.... it's a happy Lent here at St. Dominic's!

More details and information to follow as we find out.

Until then, please keep us in your prayers, and if the good Lord so moves you, we welcome any donations -- particularly if you're looking for ways to expand your Lenten almsgiving.