Whose side will you be on?



It is the end of the year – no, not the calendar year – but the Church’s year. It is the end of the year – the Solemnity of Christ the King. A Solemnity is the highest of all the Church’s rank of feasts. It is a celebration that known as an “idea feast”, i.e. it draws “our attention to some specific truth about Our Lord,[1] rather than an event in Christ’s life, like, say the Transfiguration.[2]


It is the end of the year - and we honour Christ as the Universal King and Eternal Priest presiding over the Last Judgement, putting some people on His right and the others on His left.


We are called today and every day to honour Christ as our Lord and Master, as teacher of all truth, as being The Truth. Or do we?      Are we living today with the Last Judgement in mind, the end times?


The Gospel message, Christ’s message is quite simple…are we one of those who have served Christ in the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, provided clothing, visited the sick and those in prison?[3] Or, have we neglected to respond to our neighbour and are classified as goats? A goat is an image that portrays “stubbornness and destructive traits, if left unattended. Male goats do not protect their mates from other males.[4] Rejecting those who are suffering means rejecting Christ Himself – so how could we expect then to be part of His Kingdom?


No, those who enter the Kingdom will be those who have practiced mercy and self-giving. They are, by Jesus likened to sheep. Sheep in ancient times took care of each other. In the face of danger, the adult males would surround the females and the young.[5]

Do you intend to be a sheep or a goat? Yes, which side will you be on?                                                              

Sr. Rosaleen Shaw OP


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