“You must worship the Lord your God - and serve Him alone.[1]

It is a time of grace. It is the First Sunday of Lent and we are all hopefully in gear to grow in holiness through acts of self-sacrifice; attending Mass, if we can, more often, as well as the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

It is a time of grace. It is a time to give thanks to God for the incredible love He has for each one of us, so much that He died for you. Pause here for a moment and reflect on this amazing truth.

It is a time of grace. We are called to worship Him and serve Him alone. This is not servitude. This will not bring us unhappiness. “Jesus is for us liberation! – liberation from sin, from our false desires.[2]

Jesus overcame the temptations in the wilderness through prayer. We are called to imitate Him. We are called to make good quality time for prayer. In loving communion with the Father through the Holy Spirit, we enter more deeply the Heart of Christ. So, do not make room for prayer in your life, put prayer FIRST and then arrange your other commitments.

It is a time of grace. So, prepare yourself to go that little bit extra...to go out into the wilderness armed with prayer and the sacraments. Then the sandstorms of life will not overcome you.

Yes, it is indeed a time of grace. Make use of it.

- Sr Rosaleen Shaw, O.P.

[1] Matt.4:10

[2] Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, ZENIT, ZE05082204