Jesus is the Light of the World, Jesus is the Salt of the Earth. In this Sunday’s Gospel[1] he even likens each one of us to being the Light and Salt of the Earth – noble titles indeed![2] For we know that Jesus truly has given us the flavour of knowing and serving the Father and of being the Light – to give us the Way, the direction to our Heavenly home to enjoy the Beatific Vision.

Let us not be salt that has lost its flavour and so “it is good for nothing, and can only be thrown out to be trampled underfoot by men.[3] Let us not be a light that has been hidden under a tub.[4] If we see that this has happened then let us co-operate again with God’s grace and become a true follower of Christ, being salt to the world so that we can be a “life-preserver[5] for each one we meet (and for those for whom we pray whom we cannot meet). Let us again be a light to the world so that others can see their way to the path of heaven.

No one wants to live in darkness, no one wants to eat tasteless food. Everyone wants to be able to see clearly the true meaning of life and to experience its true flavour. Think about this as Lent draws nearer.

Sr. Rosaleen Shaw OP

[1] Mt. 5:13-16

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[4] Cf. Mt.5:15