The Second Sunday of Lent always focuses on the Transfiguration. The Lord in all his glory is seen by Peter, James and John high up on Mount Tabor. This passage is sometimes interpreted as a brief preview of the experience of paradise.[1] But why do they need this vision of Jesus – this vision of paradise.? It is to help them face what is going to happen shortly after – to see the Lord suffer in his Passion and death. Indeed their faith will be put to the test! Whose faith would not be?

Lent is a time of testing for each one of us. A time when we are put to the test. Hopefully we are all trying to walk that extra mile in order to come to closer to the Lord by denying ourselves, by reaching out more powerfully to others and by giving more time to the Lord in prayer. We need encouragement too – maybe we can picture ourselves up high on Mount Tabor, basking in the radiance of the Lord, seeing Elijah and Moses (both significant figures in the history of Israel, who represent Jesus’ continuity with the Law and the Prophets).[2] We can hear the Father speak “This is my Son, the Beloved; he enjoys my favour. Listen to him.”[3]

The word “listen” in the Bible means more than hearing, for it is “equivalent to the verb ‘to obey’[4] thus, we too are called to follow the Lord faithfully, whether we are high up on the mountain basking in His glory, or down below in the desert – thirsty, tempted, and in need of His encouragement.

Sr. Rosaleen Shaw OP



[3] Mt. 17:5