Well, it’s a been a few weeks since our last update. So much has happened during our “Lentiest of Lents” — including the country (and much of the world) being placed in lockdown mode. However, like most things in life, there really is a silver lining on all those clouds, though it may at times be hard to see them.  There’s a lot of sad news about; yet, thanks be to God, we’ve also heard of so many unexpected blessings (and blessings in disguise!) that have come during these unusual times.  We keep counting our blessings and giving thanks!

We’ve been so incredibly blessed to be able to continue in our life of prayer, particularly with the liturgy — including Holy Mass, the Divine Office, and Adoration.  (Many thanks to God and to our chaplain’s community for blessing us with Fr. Richard’s presence among us!!  And thanks to you all who were able to contribute both spiritually and financially towards the building of his house on our grounds!)  And to be able to share our prayer through livestreaming has been beautiful and very humbling.  We’ve received so many messages through our contact forms asking for prayers but also giving thanks to God for being able to share in our life of prayer, as well as our proclamation of the Gospel through our YouTube channel – here – and our various digital apostolic activities.

One of our newest apostolates during this lockdown has been a daily lectio webinar which is free and open to everyone!

Please visit the God Who Speaks website for more ways to engage in the Word of God during this Year of the Word!

At the start of Easter, we began our Psalm-a-Day Psalmody series on YouTube.  Spend a minute or so listening to the Word of God as prayerfully read by one of our sisters:

Sr. Veronica has also begun a new series of scripture reflection and catechesis for this Eastertide:

And, though we are still in the process of uploading photos, we have a few to share from Sr. Lucy from our Sacred Triduum:

2020 Sacred Triduum
And, in closing, if you’re struggling with self-isolation and lockdown, perhaps you’ll find Sr Catherine’s blog post for the Catholic Truth Society helpful: COVID: Community On the Verge of Incurable Destruction?

Remember: you and all your loved ones are in our prayers!

P.S. — If you would like to make a Mass Offering for your intentions, please contact the sisters through our contact page and let us know.