Come to me all you who labour and I will give you rest.[1] This is indeed welcome teaching from our compassionate Saviour. “Come to me all you are laboured and I will give you rest.[2] This is the first of  “three invitations from Jesus.[3]

Some Christians find their religion too demanding and their stressful, he or she labours under their Christian lives. They may even be ridden with guilt. But here Jesus is saying “No” – just grow and grow more and more in my relationship with you. I will give you the grace and you will find rest, an inner peace that no one can take from you. Believe Him!

The second invitation is “shoulder my yoke.”[4]Living in the presence of Jesus does not weight anyone down. On the contrary, He frees up what is best in us, since he proposes that we live our lives making them more human, worthy, whole. Jesus frees us from fear and pressure. He makes our liberty grow, not our slavery; he awakens in us trust…He draws us to love, not toward laws and precepts.[5] Believe Him!

The third invitation is “Learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”[6] We can contemplate His life in the Gospels, learning how to live out our Christian lives. We can appreciate that He will “understand our difficulties and struggles. Think about so many people who, both within and outside of the Church, live without knowing at what door to knock. Surely Jesus would be good news for them?[7] Believe Him!

The yoke that he asks us to bear is really “a bond of love, which joins us to Him, and through Him, to our loving Father in heaven. He does ask us to carry our cross daily, that is, to bear the burden of each day’s duty, but once the cross is grasped firmly and lovingly it ceases to be a burden.[8] Why? Because he is carrying it with you!

Will you accept his invitations?

Sr. Rosaleen Shaw OP

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