The greatest method of praying is to pray the Rosary.[1] You may have seen older ladies praying the Rosary and think it is just for them. But, yet another Saint would not agree with you! He had an unusual but beautiful way to add to the Rosary.

This is what he did. On the first three beads, He asked “Mary’s intercession,  greeting her on the first bead as the most dear daughter of God the Father; on the second one as the Mother of God the Son; and on the third as the well-beloved spouse of God the Holy Spirit.[2]

Then at the end of your rosary, “he would return again to the 3 first beads and ask the Blessed Virgin on the first bead to offer your understanding to the eternal Father so that you may always consider his mercies. On the second bead entreat her to offer you yourself to her Son, so that you may continually think on his passion and death. On the third bead you will beseech her to offer your will to the Holy Spirit so that you can forever be on fire with His holy love.”[3]

You may like to copy St. Francis de Sales the next time you pray the Rosary and then forever after.

Sr. Rosaleen Shaw OP








[1] St. Francis de Sales


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